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Disability Adaptations

Adapting the home environment to deal with the problems of age or disability is the most cost effective way to ensure maximum safety and quality of life.

Depending on your need we can build ground floor extensions to facilitate level access showers and disabled toilets. We can create a wetroom that is wheelchair friendly. We can widen doorways to allow access for wheel chairs and build ramps equipped with handrails to afford safe passage to the garden or street. Equally we can achieve most of these facilities at first and second floor level with dormer conversions.

When it comes to everyday living there are kitchens and bathrooms that are not only practical, but stylish and have appliances installed for ease of access and levels to accommodate wheel chair users.
Local Authority grants are available that will cover the cost of many of these necessary works

Bathrooms - Wet rooms, level access showers, hand rails, step-in bath, safety hand rails. door widening. Disaabled toilets etc.

Kitchens - Low level and adjustable worktops to suit wheelchair users, low level ovens, and a full range of adjustable equipment